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vrsKills-to-industry is a project directed learning program with business outcomes

  • Full 2 days program whereby students are briefed on a project and work in groups to complete it against a deadline, facilitated by edgedVR team.

  • Students are allocated job titles such as Project Manager, Creative Manager, Technologist and Production team members.

  • They learn transferable skills such as creative thinking, collaboration and 360 design.

  • They work with industry-standard software and emerging technology such as Canva, Photoshop, Insta360/ Ricoh Theta, Blender, Oculus VR headsets and more.

  • The program incorporates advice from our partner industry experts, where students gain knowledge in career pathways and further study opportunities. 

Why VRSkills are important for students

Example of VRSkills Student Presentation

What our Partners say

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