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 VRCreate platform

Designed to make learning an immersive adventure for both teachers and students, increasing digital skills and bringing curriculum content to life


  • Teachers create lessons in virtual reality with subject content such as Science, Geography, Languages, History, Social Humanities and more...

  • Students explore or apply their new digital skills to create dynamic virtual environments

  • Teachers have access to a range of ready-made resources

  • Learn design and digital skills with VR Design framework, UX and UI

  • Create multimedia elements like 360 backgrounds, 3D objects, photos, videos, and audio

  • Encourage collaboration and critical thinking skills 

Turning learning into an unforgettable experience!

VR Design Framework

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VR Project




Plan & design  storyboard



Produce 360°  & 

multimedia content



Build in

VR software

Hear from the students...

A Library of Experiences

Find teacher resources, templates and digital assets to download, edit or build your own using our worksheets and guides

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VRCreate Demo

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