Students design in vr

VRCreate is a curriculum based program

  • Designed to be aligned with IST, IDT and Multimedia subjects.

  • Students follow our VR framework to build in Virtual Reality.

  • Students use their mobiles to collect content such as photo, video & audio.

  • Student are grouped in teams to work collaboratively and use brainstorming to be creative and encourage ideas.

  • Projects are based on school location, elective subjects or careers and this remains with the school to share with all students.

how it works

  • Schools receive a training session for up 3 teachers and complete support for delivery during the first term.

  • Industry software is used and there are FREE downloads and apps supporting the process.

  • Projects can be shared via VR headsets,  Apps and 360 -degree images, which can be uploaded to websites.

vrcreate framework to build in virtual reality

Discuss concepts and ideas

Collaborate in teams on


Create various content

Build in VR Software

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