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How small business can engage with VR technology to gain a competitive edge

Small business may be tempted to not engage with trending technology but there are risks associated with not evolving and not staying relevant in a changing market. With the trajectory of digitalisation in business accelerated owing to the coronavirus pandemic which has fast become a catalyst in reviving business and consumer interest in emerging technologies such as Augmented and Virtual Reality, here is a first step to integrate virtual technology into your small business.

Use high resolution 360-degree images

If you are a business that engages with social media such as Facebook, YouTube and Google to advertise and market, you will be aware that visual media performs better than text. It is becoming more and more challenging to standout and connect with your customers and having stunning and compelling visual content is critically important to your digital marketing strategy. With 360⁰ images your customers get to view and experience your products or location from the convenience of their computer or smartphone. Using these immersive images on your social media and website allows customers to virtually interact with your business or product.

3 ways this increases customer contact

  1. Increased customer engagement: as there is an element of exploration with 360⁰ images, customers will spend more time browsing and viewing your products. The longer they engage with your website the increased likelihood of them becoming a paying customer.

  2. Google Street View: by adding 360-degree images to your Google Street View, you further entice customers by showcasing your location and products.

  3. Increase Search engine rankings: these rankings are increased by increasing the amount of time a visitor spends on your website. 360-degree Images encourage a customer to spend more time browsing and exploring your website.


You can easily do this by creating and publishing your own 360⁰ images.

See here

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