Community projects

vrsKills-to-industry is a project directed learning program with business outcomes

  • Students are briefed on a project and work in groups to complete it against a deadline, facilitated by edgedVR team.

  • They are allocated job titles such as PM, Creative Manager, Tech Manager and are assigned tasks throughout the week.

  • Students learn transferable skills such as creative thinking, collaboration and 360 design.

  • They work with industry-standard software and emerging technology such as Canva, Photoshop, Insta360/ Ricoh Theta, Blender, Oculus VR headsets and more.

  • The program incorporates industry experts, and students gain knowledge in career pathways and are exposed to job opportunities. 

5 Ways projects are delivered

360° Images for your

social media 

Immersive viewing

in a VR headset

Seating man 2.jpg

360° Images embedded

as a slideshow

View project on

 a mobile app


HTML link as a tour with clickable inserts