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Welcome to the project centre

If you're on this page it means you're downloading the software and

creating your own virtual reality experiences.

 Everything you need to create your first VR project is right here!


Frequently asked questions

How does it works?

To make a VR project you need to combine 360° images and videos with

  • slideshows made up from 2D video's and photos 

  • audio background, foreground and voice overs

  • pdf documents composing of lists, documents menus etc..

  • 3D models 

  • Quiz and test

How do you share it?

  1. Export the project to the web via an exporting tool

  2. Share on your pc or other mobile devices.  iOS & Android compatible 

  3. Install the app in the Oculus Go or Quest headset for an incredible immersive experience.

What hardware do you need?

Start here to get going



Download the Present4D Virtual Reality Suite software and follow the instructions on how to install, don't forget to check 

System Requirements

You will need Windows 10 on a PC, laptop or Apple Mac, that has good RAM Please test the trial version before purchasing.  For using with a Oculus Quest please check here:


Use any 360° camera or 3D software to create your 360° videos, 360° live streams and 360° photos in HD

Collect important files, PDF documents or 2D photos and videos for your slideshows.  You can also add 3D models and audio .wav files to your presentation.

Some hardware ideas


Plan your storyboard and project

Open your Present4D VR suite using your access key, start in the VR editor mode and select create a project.  Then import your photos and other data including Slideshows.

Symbols and HotSpot links between the 360° locations will be created automatically.

Using the drag & drop function move symbols around, add your audio, or create a quiz

Share on any platform with all devices

Upload your project to the VR-Suite platform  

Share online or embed on your web page

Copy it via USB stick to another computer or connect to the free present4D mobile app and use with or without VR headset

Virtual Reality

Experience it together

With your Project Portal Key you can start and view your project on any device 

View and Collaborate

Visit your project together with others

Interact by starting a conference with one click

See conference mode features

VR-Suite Features

Easy to use

The drag n drop features of the software as easy to use.

Collect the media content and upload it via the project portal.  You can have as many projects as you like and you can view them from any device. 


Multi-platform independent


VR Suite is integrated with windows

You can use it offline to upload any big files using PC or Mac

Share links or embed in your webpages

Collaboration in VR mode


Meet with your team on a VR Project in real-time.  With your VR headset you will be amazed and how easy it will be to point or view hotspots by simply turning your head.  Even make notes to share, it feels like a game!

edged VR's friendly team are waiting to help,