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Students design in VR


Students design in vr

Hear from the students...

VRCreate is a curriculum based program

  • Designed to be aligned with topics in Digital Technologies, Design & Tech, Multimedia and Science inquiries.

  • Students follow our VR framework to build in Virtual Reality.

  • Students make or collect content such as 360 backgrounds,3D objects, photo, video & audio.

  • Working collaboratively in teams or individually, students brainstorm to encourage critical thinking and creative ideas.

  • Projects are based on topic preferences aligned with curriculum outcomes


vrcreate framework to build in virtual reality

Students discuss concepts and ideas for Virtual Reality

Discuss concepts and ideas

Collaborating in teams on storyboard a VR project

Collaborate in teams on


Design virtual reality content

Create various content

Build in Virtaul Reality Software

Build in VR Software

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